Customer Testimonials

NWCC has started coating some of my knife frames, the work is flawless.  Will be doing more.

Jim Allen
Three Sisters Forge

Bend, OR


Hey Grant, you were wondering what I thought of the finish on my pistol? Well I can tell you that as soon as I got home from work and opened it. It was basically in my hand until I went to bed except for a few times.  I really love it.  It looks like a brand new gun.  You guys really got every detail.  I was so unhappy with the Duracoat job that I had done myself that I was about to just go drop a bunch of money on a new pistol even though I really loved how this one fired and I'm glad I didn't.  My brother with a $1100.00 Sig 226 said he was jealous and wishes he had just bought a 92fs and sent it to you guys.  You will definitely be getting another gun from me in the near future to spruce up.  I'm already planning what I want you to do to the next one.  

Thanks again,

By the way.  I had been looking for a shop that did this kind of work and contacting each one.  None of them ever got back to me as fast and as helpful as you guys.  Whether it be 7:30 in the morning or 10:00 at night you were answering my questions and giving me great price information that nobody else wanted to do. So as far as I'm concerned you've got my business.




I just wanted to pass along my thanks and appreciation for a job well done on the Cerakote job you guys did on my Remington 870 Police Magnum.  

Before I sent this in to be Cerakoted in Tactical Gray, this 870 had a former life as a service weapon in a police cruiser.  It wasn't pretty, with some rust and patina very visible to the user.  It certainly had seen some use, weather and the usual bumps/scratches.  

I sent this shotgun off to your shop following an industry sponsored shoot in Albany, OR by XS Products.  Not only was the turnaround impressive (one week's time door to door), the Cerakote application was flawless.  You know something looks good and is legit when my co-workers at Rainier Arms were drooling over the work your shop had done.

Thanks again.  I look forward to the work on two AR's that are in route to you.  Attached are photos of the finished product. Please feel free to share as you see fit.

Mac Pevey